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      UNIFICATION - the process of uniting


    Dynasty Building Solutions



Dear DBS Family,

As you know, Transparency is the word we are examining this first quarter of 2022.  In last month's newsletter I mentioned Transparency as part of a synergistic circle that included Implementation and Unification.  Unification is the reward for becoming fully transparent through the inner workings of God on your behalf.  Transparency (your goal), implementation (God    working on your behalf) and unification (the reward) are the 3 things we are going to focus on in the first 3 quarters of 2022.   Let's take a look at Unification.

Transparency with and through God's implementation unifies your purpose, your relationships, and your moral character AND if everyone on a team is operating in a fully transparent manner, being open and honest with themselves and others, it makes becoming a unified force that much easier.  It's that much easier because God is provoking that implementation and transparency for the purpose of unification.  The bible says "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." Matthew 18:20.  Unification is a major theme throughout scriptures.  The unity and sanctity of marriage, the importance of unity within the church and with your neighbor, the union of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit and our personal united walk with God.  It's all about unification.  How can such a concept not be incredibly powerful?

I would like to challenge everyone to unite around the cross and bring both their struggles and their successes to His feet, because when you do you bring it all out into the light where the enemy cannot touch it and loses any grip or strong holds on you, your habits, your ways of thinking and how you relate to others.


When two or more are gathered in His name, God is there with us.  When we are united with Him, we can move mountains, literally.  I challenge you to begin moving those mountains.  Let's unite.  Bring two or more people together in His name, so the Lord is with us every step of the way.   Let's aim for Unification as a company and move toward the traits and actions that generate positivity, unity and goal setting as a team.  Together, with God's help and a unified front we can literally move mountains.   Are you ready?

Thanks for all you do.  Let's go!

Sincerely the Founder,

Victor Lupis




        Victor Lupis

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                            DID YOU KNOW...?



 Many Dynasty employees live in places that are managed by either property managers, HOAs or condo association board members.  I can vouch for the fact that managing an HOA, Condo Association or assigned property can be one MAJOR HEADACHE!   For those managing, anything that can make daily operations run smoother and easier is, at the very least, considered.  This may explain why an under-the-radar Dynasty program for Property Managers and the like has become so successful that DBS is investing time and money to participate in the upcoming Condo, HOA & Property Management Expo on Thursday, April 21st at the Tampa Convention Center, where we will officially introduce our Property Management Liaison Program to the public.

As it has begun to take on a life of its own, we thought it wise to officially let everyone in on this very well-received program, designed specifically for this particular audience - of which there are many (HOAs, Condo Associations and Property Managers) throughout our state. 

Basically, we are doing what we've always done for our residential homeowners but now, we are offering that same service tailor-made for HOA Managers, Condo Association Boards and Property Managers and it has been extremely well received.  So, if you get a call from someone who heads one of these associations or boards looking for our services...


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The DBS Sarasota Production Department is leading the way in heralding the progression of its team members.  As of January 2021 their Employee Progression Ladder has been recognizing the upward trajectory of staff who have successfully completed intensive training to make their way up the ladder to the Production Manager position, currently held by Edwin Huertas and Patrick Scully, who spearheaded the initiative.  According to Scully, "The idea was a team effort to further the company's goal of adding value to each level of the program while bringing more buy-in and understanding of each role and the hierarchy at Dynasty Building Solutions."  Team members whose certificates are presently featured on the Sarasota Progression Ladder are: Donald John - Project Manager, Dan McKenna and Jon Reding - Senior Quality Controllers, and Hunter Masaya and Scott Taylor - Quality Controllers.  


A similar Employee Progression Ladder is already in the works for the Tampa team, recognizing the progression of the following team members:  Chris Calcgano - Project Manager, William Schroyer - Senior Quality Controller and QCs: Ken Christianson, Garrin Parker and Matt Tybor.

Next stop - "an initiative to recognize the groups for their Metric-based accomplishments," says Scully.  

This team-centered approach is resoundingly Unification in Action! 

Pictured in the photo below is L to R - Patrick Scully with canine buddy Gemma,  Jon Reding, Scott Taylor, Toby Davis, Hunter Masaya and Donald John.  The photo on the right features Edwin Huertas with the team.
















On Wednesday, March 16th, Victor Lupis and members of the Dynasty team finally came face-to-face with a group of amazing kids and their coaches for the unveiling of a gift that helped make a long-hoped-for and well-deserved dream come true.

The Tampa Bay Phenoms, a  baseball team of 12 year olds who've been playing together since they were 8 years of age, largely supports youngsters from challenging situations.  This year, however, was the most challenging to date, for the entire team, including their group of volunteer coaches.  A few weeks before we met the team, one of their most charismatic and, from the way he has been described, larger than life coaches who was also the father of one of the players, passed away unexpectedly.  He was 52 years old.  Not only did his passing take everyone by surprise, it was a devastating blow to the team, particularly, of course, to his young son and family.  In addition, this particular coach was one of the team's major fundraisers.

Recently selected to attend All-Star Village, a renowned baseball summer camp located just outside of Cooperstown, NY (the birthplace of b-ball) the Phenoms had been feverishly working to raise funds to cover the cost of getting the entire team to Cooperstown for this once in a lifetime experience.  The sudden, tragic loss of their coach not only affected the team's hearts and morale, it severely impacted their ability to raise the funds they needed.  The unexpected loss brought everything to a full-stop and the team was now, not only dealing with the absence of someone so important and well-loved, they were facing the fact that they were now $7,500 dollars away from making their trip a reality.   The deadline for payment was looming ever closer.

Fortunately, someone from the team suggested they reach out to Dynasty CEO, Victor Lupis, known for his love of the sport and a history of supporting young people trying their hardest to beat the odds and become the best they can be.   Victor was soon contacted by Coach Troy Howell, asking for whatever funds could be donated to help get the Phenoms that much closer to their funding goal.  After inquiring about what was needed to get the team to All-Star Village, Victor came through with the remaining funds.  You can see Victor telling the team that the funds were "in hand" and they were going to Cooperstown (see the video below).

We look forward to hearing all about what is sure to be a victorious summer for the amazing Tampa Phenoms!




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dbs events

Dynasty will be introducing our wildly successful Property Management Liaison full-service support system to the masses, at the Condo & HOA Expo, Thursday, April 21st from 10:30am to 3pm at the Tampa Convention Center.  Legal insights, financial advice, communication tips, proactive management solutions (that's where we come in) and much more, will be provided by some of the region's top professionals.   Of course we'll find time to mention our expertise in roofing, remodeling and construction to each and everyone we meet!

Attracting industry leaders who will be sharing their specialized knowledge and experience through Seminars and Professional Development workshops and/or booth exhibits, this show is tailor-made for us to officially launch our  Property Management services in Tampa Bay.

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   dynasty annual company
  conference March 26, 2022

Fun team building exercises, discovering each other's personal core values, group discussions and more were part of the experience at this year's annual company conference, held at the Sheraton Tampa Brandon Hotel.  

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let's celebrate!



Pink Blossom

4th - Juan Carlos Damaso 
        11th - Christopher Calcagno       12th - Arlet Clemente

   14th - Katie Arnold 
14th - Eduardo Monson
22nd - Skyler Roberts
24th - Mark Frampton


           WORK               ANNIVERSARIES              26th - Kelly Drew - 1 yr.                 

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                                     MEET ALYSSA'S NEW BABY!

 Hello Everyone! My name is Jaxon, nice to finally meet you!

 I was born Friday, March 25 at 5:04pm.  I weighed 7 pounds   and   14 ounces and I was 20 inches long!  I graduated from   the NICU and got to go home last Sunday.  I had some fluid   in my lungs but doctors said I'm okay now!  See you soon!


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