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Dear DBS Family,

Transparency seems to be a word heard quite frequently in certain circles where accountability is held in high esteem.  It has been considered to be of utmost importance to politicians, corporations and many health and human service organizations.  It has been tossed around so much so that the true essence of the word may have become a little watered down.  So let's examine it to see why it's important to us as a company.

Real, authentic transparency with your inner truth is not for the faint of heart.  In fact, it is almost discomforting.  Of course, this depends on how you tip the Living Your Truth scale.  Are you being real with yourself?  Because if not, you can never be fully transparent.  How can you be if you're not even transparent with yourself?  Facing who you are, being who you are and then, if you are not happy with what you see, getting help from the one true source who can get you back on track, is not always easy.  However, when we seek transparency, even with the skeletons buried the deepest in our closets, we can become free with God's help.

It's the struggle to keep things hidden from ourselves and others, while ignoring those gnawing truths that keep fighting their way to your consciousness that makes us uncomfortable, inauthentic and, at times, just plain miserable.  When we ask for His ever-present help, He will help us face those uncomfortable truths and deal with them.  Victory is within reach!  You just have to ask.  God will then implement what's needed to allow for that transparency and then watch as it impacts our work, our conversations, our dealings with loved ones and everything in our lives.  Inevitably, that feeling of freedom sets in and we begin seeking ways to remain transparent because that delicious, sweet freedom is addictive.  The lightness, the transparency, the freedom!  The more we get, the more we want.  This synergy is what we will call the Unification - the reward for finally getting to this point.  Transparency (your goal), implementation (God's working on your behalf) and unification (the reward) are the 3 things we are going to focus on in the first 3 quarters of 2022.

The word for this quarter is Transparency.  Let's continue to explore this as the quarter unfolds and see where it leads us.

Thanks for all you do.

Sincerely the Founder,

Victor Lupis


        Victor Lupis

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Transparent Curtains
Clear Water
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                            DID YOU KNOW...?

                  The "First Lady" of the Roofing Industry Was Running TAMKO in 1950 at 23 Years of Age                      


The humble task of sacking nails in a Kansas City shingle plant in 1948 turned into a life-long career that concluded as Chairman Emerita for TAKMO Building Products, LLC. for Ethelmae Humphreys, who recently died at the age of 94.  

Considered to be the matriarch of the roofing industry, Ethelmae began working at TAMKO, her father's company, at age 21.  As the daughter of TAMKO founder, E. L. Craig, she soon found herself in the (then) peculiar position of being named Executive Vice-President, taking control of the day-to-day operations for TAMKO in 1950 at age 23, after her father suffered a stroke.

Having a 20-something woman at the helm of a major corporation in the 1950s was unheard of, but succeeding in a predominantly male industry was even more astonishing.  Ethelmae set the bar high for women in the manufacturing and roofing industries and she did so with kindness and compassion and grace.  According to her son, David Humphreys, current TAMKO Chairman and CEO, "She was universally loved and revered by her family, employees and in the communities and circles of influence where she lived and worked.  She was a measure of true grace and her compassion for others was unmatched."  (Side note: when I contacted TAMKO's marketing director for a photo of Mrs. Humphreys she could not stop talking about how much she is missed and tried to explain how much she meant to everyone there.  This was a woman who was truly beloved.)

Ethelmae stopped working full-time for TAMKO in the late 1950s to care for her children, while her husband,  J.P. Humphreys (Jay) took over for his wife after she stepped down.  She served as TAMKO's Chairman of the Board, beginning in 1972 and returned to full-time work in 1985.  She served as CEO of TAMKO after her husband's death in 1993 until son David took the reins a year later.  In 2019 she became Chairman Emerita and in 2021 celebrated over 73 years of service with the company, having continued to work on almost a daily basis until the time of her death, because, as she put it, "TAMKO is like my home and I love my home.  The office is where I feel the most comfortable.  It's where I was the closest to my father, and then the closest to my husband.  It's been a major part of my life."

Ethelmae and her husband Jay helped TAMKO grow from a small local shingle manufacturer to one of the largest privately-owned roofing manufacturers in the U.S. 


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                 NEW PRODUCT SHOWCASE
TAMKO's Heritage Proline TITAN XT Architectural Shingle           INNOVATION   TECHNOLOGY    PERFORMANCE

TAMKO's Heritage Proline TITAN XT shingle features some of the most advanced innovative technology in the industry.  With powerful engineering, TITAN XT shingles are designed to offer an advantage for both homeowners and contractors, combining in-demand product features into one Extreme Technology shingle, designed to weather extreme conditions.


Pros love the Rapid Fire Zone - a clearly defined expanded nailing zone for fast and easy installation.

Homeowners love the Anchor Lock Layer - a unique poly fabric that reinforces the shingle for an added layer of protection and provides an anchor for the nails to embed in, locking them tightly to the deck.  

Both Pros and Homeowners love the advanced Fusion Sealants, designed to be sticky - even in cooler weather - to fuse the shingles together quickly.  When combined, the Anchor Lock Layer and the advanced Fusion Sealants give the Heritage Proline Shingles the industry's first Wind GUARD Warranty with coverage up to 160 miles per  hour.

See one of our latest roof installs using the Titan XT shingle from TAMKO's Heritage Proline series in the video below and be amazed at the finished product, while our resident expert and CEO Victor Lupis, elaborates on the benefits of this unique architectural shingle.



Tamko XT Shingle Up close.jpg
Titan Install shingles loaded on roof.jpg
Tamko Slate.jpg
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Thank You!

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dbs events

Dynasty Building Solutions will once again take part in Tampa's largest and most heavily advertised home show, the Tampa Home & Garden Show on Saturday and Sunday, March 19th and 20th at the Tampa Convention Center.  Offering free giveaways, free professional advice and a chance to win a major prize, Dynasty is destined to connect with tons of homeowners.

With wall-to-wall displays and exhibits featuring the latest trends in home improvement, the Tampa Home & Garden Show guarantees opportunities to speak directly with lots of potential customers seeking expert advice and information on all their home service needs.

Tampa Home & Garden Show attendees know that meeting their potential contractor in person is the most valuable way to select professional, reliable expertise for upcoming home improvement projects.

So, if you would like to make some great contacts and grab a handful of leads for yourself, reach out to Paulette at  Dynasty employees will get paid to work the show - hourly wage earners will get O/T, salaried employees are O/T exempt.  There are only a limited number of slots to work the booth throughout this exciting 2-day event, so make your request known soon.

Hope to see you there!

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Tampa Convention Ctr.jpg
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Home and Garden Show Convention Ctr Water view.jpg
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tampa_LOGO_1000_march22 (1).jpg
Trade Show
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Playful Kids
Clover Cookies

let's celebrate!



St. Patrick's Day

5th - Daniel Sullivan
        8th - Tirso Catarino        

   8th - Saul Garcia 
11th - Ceneus Bachire
17th - Ed Huertas
19th - Antonio Gomez Lopez
22nd- Jose Maldonado
26th - Michael Dedo
27th - William Schroyer
27th - James Smereczynsky
28th - Terry Bell


           WORK               ANNIVERSARIES       16th - Joseph Hanrahan (1yr. )              22nd - Julie Muirhead (1yr.)      

    29th - Alyssa Jarnutowski (1yr.)   

St Patricks Day




                                             Many people tend to think that St. Patrick's Day is all about "drinkin' and makin'

                                             merry", but did you know that it's actually a religious and cultural holiday, commem-

                                             orating St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland AND the arrival of Christianity in Ireland?

                                             Celebrations generally involve parades and festivals and the "wearing of the green" - 

                                             usually attire of some sort or shamrocks.  Irish Americans wear green to symbolize that

                                             they were Irish Nationalists, first and foremost.  Way back in the day, green was adopted

                                             as the color of the Irish rebellion against British royalty and the shamrock became a key

                                             symbol of the movement.  So NOW YOU KNOW, to be sure!



Irish Pub people celebrating
Irish Kilts
Irish Woman
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