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Dear DBS Family,

After taking stock of a very eventful 2021, we can all hope for a prosperous New Year, filled with all sorts of great things.  While we are thankful for another year, we want to start thinking about how we can make it a great year for our customers, our co-workers and ourselves.

First of all, let's stay optimistic.  Try to maintain a positive frame of mind.  It is apparent to whomever you are speaking with, whether on the phone or in person, that you do or do not feel good about your work and your workplace.  Prayer, reading devotions, walks through nature, working out, or a good talk with a trusted friend, these are ways to lift your spirits and stay positive.  

Remain diligent.  Engaging in a constant and earnest effort to accomplish your objectives is a sure-fire way to success.  Keep your eyes on the prize:  a certain number of leads turned into prospects;  having so many  contracts signed by the end of the month; getting problems solved or paperwork completed or a brand new roof looking better than the homeowner ever expected.  Then, sit back and watch those incentive dollars roll in.

Be Flexible.  Change is inevitable!  Find a way to adapt, grow and come out victorious.  Trends, office procedures & policies, new technologies, new materials, new colleagues and new ways of doing business - these are all subject to change.  Resisting and holding onto past, outdated - though familiar - ways of doing things does not make for a successful career path.  There is something to be said for the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" way of thinking, BUT, if the company finds it necessary to change something after due diligence and research, find a way to accept it, learn from it and master it!  Success can be inevitable too, with the right mindset!

Professionalism Wins the Day!  How many of our best reviews mention professionalism as an attribute they admired?  A lot!  Professionals complete the job.  They follow-up.  They do what they promised.  They do their research.  Professionalism is what all homeowners hope they will encounter when they hire Dynasty Building Solutions.  This is the trait hiring managers look for.  It is what people will remember about you and why they will recommend you to their friends and neighbors.  Professionalism and success go hand in hand, you rarely find one without the other.  There are flukes but, for the most part, successful people tend to embody professionalism - it opens doors, seals the deal, gets the call-back and the check signed.

Let's think about these actions and perspectives when working to accomplish our goals this year.  Here's to a successful 2022!  Thanks for all you do!

Sincerely the Founder,

Victor Lupis

        Victor Lupis

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                        DID YOU KNOW...?

                 DBS is A Certified STORMSEALER

When severe weather hits Florida it is no joke!  Wind and hail and rain can wreak havoc on home exteriors and roofs leaving homeowners vulnerable and exposed to the elements - come what may!  Fortunately, DBS is one of the select few certified Stormseal installers in Tampa Bay and our surrounding service areas where we have offices throughout Central Florida:  Tampa, Sarasota, Orlando and Holiday.

This means that when a really bad storm hits an area, leaving roofs impaired, damaged, or in some extreme instances torn off, homeowners in our service areas are covered - literally!  If a homeowner's roof is no longer able to protect their home from the elements in the middle of a storm, Dynasty Building Solutions' certified Stormseal installers can keep their home protected - even through the worst storms - until weather permits repairs and/or new installation to resume.  In fact, Dynasty Building Solutions has the largest number of Stormseal installers than any other roofer or contractor in the area,  all thoroughly trained and certified in Stormseal installation.

What exactly is Stormseal?  Stormseal is a polyethylene film that heat-shrinks to securely wrap a damaged roof or structure.  Unlike tarps, Stormseal stays put until permanent repairs can be made, resisting wind, rain and hail and preventing further costly damage.  It is 100% watertight and resistant to hail and winds up to 100mph, giving our homeowners the peace of mind they deserve.  NOW YOU KNOW!

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Let's Always Be Embodying Dynasty's Core Values - For the Win!           

Going into 2022, it is very clear that DBS Management is focused on goal setting for the company and each member of the team.   Let's take a look at Victor's vision, along with a deeper dive into Dynasty's Core Values and big plans for the near and distant future.

The Vision

Our passion, as a company, is being able to help members of the Dynasty team achieve excellence by developing leaders focused on progress, for the company and for each individual.  By empowering you to make decisions that bring measurable results; emboldening you to reach the same conclusions as our top performers; and readying you to consistently focus on our core values we can assure a strong, solid generation of future leaders, ready to take DBS to the next level and whose faith and belief-systems generate actions that echo the true spirit of the company we strive to be.  

We wish to bring that same spirit with us as we interact with our customers, Dynasty team members and vendors every day, every minute, one nail at a time.  

By focusing on our Core Values: Integrity, Perseverance, Open-mindedness, a Spiritual vs. Secular mindset and a strong emphasis on Relationships, we can do just that.

Breaking It Down

For those seeking more insight into Dynasty's Core Values, here's a quick thumbnail guide to help you keep them front of mind: 

Integrity - Does your walk match your talk?  (Don't just say it, DO it, BE it - Make It Happen!)

Open Mindedness - Be slow to speak and quick to listen.  (Divine advice from James 1:19.)

Perseverance - When it seems there is not an option, find three! 

Spiritual Vs. Secular - Believing in absolutes and unchanging in-tangibles; placing emotional currency above monetary.  (Faith, hope and charity, for instance, fall into the spiritual category.)

Relationships - Focus on building lasting relationships.  (Whatever you do, do it with an emphasis on the long-game and lasting connections instead of a one-time quick-fix.)

The Plans/DBS Company Goals

To have DBS fully autonomous.  To build a construction dynasty.  To become a billion-dollar company in gross receipts.  To have 50 offices throughout Florida, each doing $20-million in gross receipts with multiple streams of revenue through construction, commercial and residential roofing.

Those are the major plans DBS is pushing to achieve.  With everything you do, every call you answer, every roof you inspect, every homeowner you interact with, keep these plans in mind.  We want you to be a part of this dynasty - it's going to be big!

All of the above are quite do-able if we band together to make it happen.  Here are the three big words we all need to keep in mind this year with one from last year that deserves recycling:

Extreme Ownership is, once again, a very important factor in not only each individual's success but in building Dynasty into the construction powerhouse we know we can be.  For those unaware, Extreme Ownership is the act of taking ownership of everything you do, the good and the bad, those things you've achieved and those you have not, and taking full responsibility for it all.

Implementation is something else to be very mindful of because it is going to play a major role in helping us achieve our goals.  According to Harvard Business School, implementation is "the art of getting stuff done."  Sounds simple, but it is integral to a businesses' success.  In fact, Harvard elaborates, "the success of every organization rests on its capacity to implement decisions and execute key processes efficiently, effectively and consistently."

Transparency & Unification are also absolutely necessary to keeping Dynasty moving forward as an unstoppable force in the construction industry.  We need to be a united front, transparent and open about our policies and procedures, successes, failures and goals.

Lastly, as a company, we set goals by our measurables.  Our measurables are taken from what we are holding ourselves accountable too.  As a company, we are looking to bring in $19,800,000.00 in Gross receipts.  This comes from everything just mentioned.  This doesn't just come from setting a certain number of jobs or making a certain amount of money.  This comes from holding ourselves accountable.

We have broken down all of these goals into markets, streams of revenue, and each of you.  But our biggest goal, by far, is fully developing our team into the continued assets they are and can be, to an even greater extent.  We're referring to all of you who show up to put forth their all each day as a member of Team Dynasty.  These things are all measurable too and add up to the gross receipts number above.  But that is just a deliverable and only a small portion of the bigger picture.  


We appreciate each member of the DBS team and can't wait to dive into more detail about how to hold our Core Values as our Ultimate Goals and then watch the $19 million happen by focusing on Creating Better Futures, One Nail At A Time.  

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An Update on Dynasty's New Digs                 

Dynasty's Tampa office gets an upgrade this year as the staff prepares for the big move during the first quarter of 2022.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, let these eventful images do the talking.


Tampa New Office Front and Back View of Building.JPG
Tampa New Office Layout.JPG
Tampa New Office Production Facility.JPG
Tampa New Office Groundbreaking Victor.jpg
Tampa New Office Site Felled Trees.jpg

New Office Exterior

                        Interior Floor Plan

New Tampa Office Site with ongoing Construction.jpg
New Tampa Office Future Home of DBS Sign on Site.jpg
Tampa New Office Scorched Earth.jpg
Tampa New Office Simulated View of Victor's Office.JPG

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