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Dear DBS Family,

This is one of my favorite times of the year.  Not only because we are celebrating the most precious gift ever given to man, but because for one brief, concentrated moment we are all focused on what we can do for others, rather than thinking about ourselves.  Gift-giving is a time-honored tradition with a beautiful way of making us put other people at the center of our thoughts.  I honestly think that is why so many people love Christmas.

The very first time a child experiences what it feels like to give a gift to someone and see that someone's eyes light up with joy - that is a feeling they never forget and may have a deeper and more lasting impact than the joy they feel when they receive exactly what they had been wishing and hoping for all year long.  That is the same feeling I get whenever we embark on a venture to help an organization, an individual or a community of happy homeowners.

The charity roof install for 80-year old Mrs. Loleater Packer; this year's amazing food drive - with special kudos to the Production Department who knocked it out of the park with 100% participation; and our 3-night Christmas Caroling trek throughout some of our favorite communities - the smiles and tears of joy from young and old were priceless!  This is what it's all about!

I know that some of you bring that same spirit of giving-back to the workplace every day.  Whenever you take a call, get on a roof or handle important paperwork, you are thinking of how you can make that homeowner's life better.  This is the spirit I hope we all adopt, not just at this time of year, but all year round.  Many of you have experienced that same feeling of satisfaction - similar to that child giving their very first gift to a happy recipient - whenever a homeowner lets you know how much they appreciated what you did for them.  There's really nothing like it!

It's what keeps me in this business, working and striving to "Create A Better Future (for employees and homeowners alike), One Nail at A Time".

Thanks for all you do!  Merry Christmas!

Sincerely the Founder,

Victor Lupis

        Victor Lupis

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                        DID YOU KNOW...?

           DBS is Advocating for Legislation to Benefit 
                              Florida Homeowners

Assembly Hall
Political Conference

We recently received an amazing 5-star review from a happy homeowner who referred to Dynasty as the Homeowner's Advocate.  If they only knew how correct they were.  What many people are unaware of is the fact that Dynasty Building Solutions CEO, Victor Lupis, has been actively advocating for Florida homeowners behind the scenes in an arena few people ever attempt to enter - the political arena!

Not an environment for the faint of heart or easily intimidated, DBS has entered the hotly contested forum to advocate for legislation that benefits Florida Homeowners.  One of our main arguments has been that of fighting to keep roofs from depreciating every 10 years and advocating for a 20-year depreciation policy that will, after substantial damage, allow the homeowner's insurance company to pay for 100% of the repairs.

Victor has spent hours on the phone and in zoom meetings with House Committee members from both sides of the aisle - Republicans and Democrats, alike.  His purpose is to get them to understand the needs of homeowners and to prevent passing legislation that will be harmful while promoting laws that will benefit the homeowner in the long run.

In January, Victor is headed to Tallahassee to take his pitch to the entire House Committee.  According to our CEO, that's an investment in time and money worth every penny.


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   Merry Christmas from Dynasty Building Solutions
Merrily Caroling Tour 2021

We had such a blast caroling in some of the communities where we've done lots of business this year.  As some of you have noticed, we've digitized our Merrily Caroling Tour 2021 in an effort to continue spreading holiday cheer to those who were unable to join us on our trek through some of our favorite neighborhoods.

                                                 Thanks to all our volunteers - you made it a "JOY"!

Please feel free to share the following with your favorite homeowners, prospects, vendors, and family    members as a way of saying Merry Christmas from your friends at Dynasty Building Solutions.

(Pssst!  You can share directly from Youtube, Facebook or Instagram.)



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A Happy New Year

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Thank You!

Christmas Eve

dbs events

Christmas Party            2021

                Here's a little memento to keep you full of cheer all through 2022.


                                                          Happy Holidays to You!


                                                                 AND SPEAKING OF 2022.....

                                         BRANDING FOR 2022 BEGINS NOW

As we celebrate the season of giving, we wanted to give our Salesforce a little something to chew on as they think about new ways to approach potential customers about Dynasty Building Solutions in the coming year.  The following points will be highlighted in our upcoming ads that will air during 2022 - more on that in January's issue.   (You may have already been using these bullet points in your pitches, just wanted you to know what your prospects may be seeing in ads about Dynasty this year.) 

1.)  We are craftsmen and artisans.  Just steer them towards the amazing video of the WFLA Daytime program Roof Reveal in Odessa that's featured on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.  Stunning is the word!  This roof made community news - the homeowner gushed over the number of neighbors and passersby (including their HOA board members) who commented on the beauty of the extraordinary roof we installed!

2.)  DBS is extremely hands-on.  Most roofers farm out the supervision of their crews to subcontractors AND many of those crew members are not licensed or insured.  DBS manages and supervises our own crews which are all covered by the necessary insurances (worker's comp, etc.)  which should give the homeowner incredible peace of mind.  Feel free to use the charity roof install video (also on Facebook and Youtube) showing Victor onsite, supervising the crew, and highlighting DBS managers and workers.

3.)  We are the Homeowner's Advocate.  As highlighted earlier, it's not just a catch-phrase, we really have gone all-out for Florida homeowners.  We've received many reviews mentioning the time we take to thoroughly educate homeowners about their roof install or home remodeling project, explaining the process and making them aware of their best options.  However, now you know the extent to which we take that advocacy - all the way to the Florida House of Representatives in Tallahassee!

This is just an opportunity to re-stock your arsenal with some additional facts about DBS that may or may not have made its way to you.  You may, in fact, already have been talking about these things to prospects, but in light of our upcoming ad campaign, you need to know what we are planning to highlight in 2022.  Marketing is always interested in your ideas, so feel free to let us know what you think really moves homeowners and what works for you.  You all are on the frontlines and really know our customers.  Your point of view is valuable.  Branding really begins with you!  On behalf of Victor and all of DBS, thanks for all you do!


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let's celebrate!



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     Happy Belated       


       1st - Vicente Garcia            

11th - Gina English             

    12th - Javier Castro Santiago     16th - Glen Wolters             

           20th - Kristian Bueno              21st- Conrad Gemmecke 


     26th - Sain Flores Vasquez                  

        WORK             ANNIVERSARIES   

   1st - Erin Shipman              

3rd- William Schroyer
9th - Mario Dircio
25th - Christopher Calcagno


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