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Letter from

Purpose Driven Success.


    Dynasty Building Solutions



Dear DBS Family,

As we ring in the New Year, I want to take this opportunity to reflect on 2022 as well as share the latest company goals for the upcoming year. The executive team and I are proud of all that was accomplished in 2022, and we are so very excited for the 2023 journey that is about to unfold. 


Reflecting on 2022, it became apparent that this was a year of rest for DBS. A year that challenged us, but, most importantly, allowed us to grow individually and as a company. In case you didn’t know, 2022 was year number 7 of Dynasty Building Solutions. This is not to be overlooked, as the Bible states the importance of the number 7, often representing rest and completion. During year 7, the sabbatical year, the Bible calls to leave the land uncultivated and rest, as God promises to provide enough to carry us through three years. 2022 may have felt light in projects, but by remaining faithful in our season of stillness, we continue to see God providing and setting up for our next season. A year of Jubilee follows the 7th year Sabbatical. In a year of Jubilee we see an overall reset in economic, cultural, and communal reset, which is already coming to light with mended relationships and a project influx. In 2023 we will see the seeds we have planted begin to grow and prosper, providing abundantly for the future.


What better representation of this than DBS receiving a certificate of occupancy for a completed warehouse and headquarters and a category 4 hurricane right before year number 8? 


In looking forward to 2023, we want to focus on purpose, driven by intentionality in everything we do. These three words from 2023 were, and still are, Transparency, Unification, and Implementation, which were the fundamentals in 2022. That is taking Dynasty Building Solutions to the next level. With our eyes set on one true purpose and a continued, driven attitude, we will see more success than ever. As I watch each of you strive for real opportunities for growth and success, I become more and more excited about our young, eager team. Your enthusiasm for new, large jobs, and increased work is one that continues to set DBS apart from others. I am truly beginning to see a powerful core leadership team, upcoming young leaders, heavy assets, and new partnerships. 


In 2023 we plan to be rolling out new incentivized programs, new office locations, increasing revenue streams, adding more licensing and certifications, and much, much more.


With all of this being said, 


Thank you for your continued dedication & Happy New Year!

Sincerely the Founder,

Victor Lupis

        Victor Lupis

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Click the link below to read a little more about Disaster Recovery (DR) & Business Continuity (BC) by Entech

An informative blog post aimed to educate readers on the importance of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, while at the same time defining the differences between the two. 

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Party Decorations
New Year Sign

New Year Holiday Fun Facts

  • 45% of Americans make New Years Resolutions

  • 25% give up on resolutions by the 2nd week of January

  • Americans drink around 360 million glasses of champagne during New Years celebrations

  • About 1 million people gather in NYC's Times Square to watch the ball drop

  • The very first NY ball weighed 700 pounds in 1907, today it weighs 11,875 pounds!

  • According to National Insurance Crime Bureau, more cars are stolen on New Years Day than any other holiday.

NYE Riddle

What happened when an iPhone and a firework were arrested on NYE?

HQ Party Highlights

Christmas Caroling Event

We are still so full of joy and overwhelmed with how much love and support we have seen since our annual caroling event! We are ecstatic to have been able to bring so many smiles & tons of holiday cheer to families in the Fort Myers & Tampa area after Hurricane Ian. The smile of a happy homeowner is why we do what we do!

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Disco Balls
Fireworks Show

Holiday Christmas Party Highlights

Notepad on Desk

Welcome to the Team!

Glen Wolters- Sarasota Sales Manager






Hello, my name is Adreene Holley and I am originally from Virginia. I began my career in 2007 working in the health food industry, and in 2017 my husband and I relocated to Florida.  We are enjoying the beaches here in Florida as well as the year round sunny weather.  I am very excited to join the DBS team, and am looking forward to what the future holds.  


Congratulations Glen & Skyler! We are so excited to announce that 2 team members have received promotions! 
We want to congratulate Skyler on being promoted to Senior PC and Glen for being promoted to Sales Manager. Way to go!

Skyler Roberts- Senior PC

Image by Ian Schneider
Image by Timothy Hales Bennett
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Happy Birthday Cake
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Let's Celebrate!

Balloons Floating in the Air



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Brooke Lupis- 1/17


One was charged and the other was let off

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