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           E-X-T-R-E-M-E   O-W-N-E-R-SH-I-P

                            "After all, there can be no leadership where there is no team."
                                                          - Leif Babin and Jocko Willink



  Dynasty Building Solutions



        Victor Lupis

Dear DBS Family,

Extreme Ownership has become my new obsession.  Never heard of it?  Let me enlighten you.

Extreme Ownership has been paraphrased as: 


The practice of owning everything in your world, to an extreme degree.  It means you are responsible for not just those tasks which you directly control, but for all those that affect whether or not your mission is successful.

The authors of Extreme Ownership - How US Navy Seals LEAD and WIN, Leif Babin and Jocko Willink, go on to say: 

"Of the many exceptional leaders we served alongside throughout our military careers, the consistent attribute that made them great was that they took absolute ownership - Extreme Ownership - not just of those things which they were responsible, but for everything that impacted their mission.  These leaders cast no blame.  They made no excuses.  Instead of complaining about challenges or setbacks, they developed solutions and solved problems.  They leveraged assets, relationships, and resources to get the job done.  Their own egos took a backseat to the mission and their troops.  These leaders truly led."

(Let's bring it a little closer to home.)

"In the years since we left active duty, we have worked with multitudes of business professionals, from senior executives to frontline managers, across a vast range of industries, including finance, construction, manufacturing, retail, etc.  The most successful men and women we've seen in the civilian world practice this same breed of Extreme Ownership.  Likewise, the most successful high-performance teams we've worked with demonstrate this mind-set throughout their organizations."

Let's all try to adopt an Extreme Ownership mindset and see where that takes us.  I think we will be pleasantly

surprised by the end of a 12-month period to see who rises to the occasion and who fails to take on this way of thinking.  Those who adopt this mindset will stand out, take on new challenges and become successful at whatever it is they were hired to do.  They will be the next set of DBS Leaders.

Do you have what it takes to be on the team?  I hope so!!!  Check out author Jocko Willink breaking it down.



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                        DID YOU KNOW...?


Dynasty Building Solutions has just been armed with a brand new tool to engage prospective customers and encourage interaction.  This new device is informative, accurate and very helpful.  It's called the Weather Widget and it appears on every page of our website, a few seconds after landing.  You'll find it on the bottom left-hand corner with a caption above it that reads Got Weather Damage?

Powered by PSAI's Vice President of Atmospheric Data Science, Dr. Victor Gensini, the Weather Widget is managed by someone who is one of only a handful of courtroom certified meteorologists.  This means Dr. Gensini's weather data can literally be supported in a legal proceeding.

When prospects click on the Weather Widget a window immediately pops up offering an opportunity to "Get An Instant Damage Report On Your Roof".  After filling in their full name, email, phone and address, an Extreme Weather Report for their home pops up, fully customized.  I filled one out for my home and got a report on Hail Storms and  Strong Winds dating back to 2011.  It details the dates of the storms along with the size of the hail and the MPH of the wind for each storm.   At the bottom of the report prospects are given an option to either wait for a call from Dynasty or fill out a short form to schedule an appointment.  This is a great tool for strengthening an argument for insurance coverage or to check-out before an appointment with a homeowner that is not quite ready to hire.  Forewarned is forearmed!  Now you know!!!

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                      WE ARE HIRING!

Dynasty Building Solutions is growing and we need qualified individuals to help take us to the next level.                                          Currently, these are the positions that we are seeking to fill:

                                                        Residential Roofing Sales Representatives

                                                                     Customer Service Specialists 

Interested individuals can find the job details and apply on our Facebook page or DBS website under the Careers section.   So spread the word!  Let your friends, family and  neighbors  know that we are hiring.  You are our best recruiting advertisement.  When people who know and trust you find out that the company you work for is looking to bring in new talent, they can't help but be curious.  Some may actually let you know that they are looking for work - you'd be surprised how a little admission about available jobs can spark some interesting conversations.  If the person you are speaking with is not currently job hunting, then maybe their neighbor or relative or friend is looking.  Just put the word out there and see what happens.  

And don't forget to tell them to go to dynastybuildingsolutions.com for even more information about the company, our culture and our philosophy.  You may end up doing someone a tremendous favor!

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             Charity roof install

Monday morning, September 13, 2021 brought the answer to many prayers when Dynasty Building Solutions installed a free, brand new roof on the humble home of 80-year old Loleater Packer of Palmetto, a woman recently diagnosed with early-onset dementia.  The Packer family was brought to the attention of DBS Production Manager, Ed Huertas, after

he inquired about families in desperate need of a free roof install to the county's Chief Building Inspector.

Loleater and her ex-husband, also suffering from dementia, were recently re-united by their daughter, Edith Packer,  who found it easier to look after both parents in one location.  However, the state of the home made the re-union more troublesome than pleasant.  

"Some people just need a little help to get back on track," said Dynasty's Founder & CEO, Victor Lupis.  "Edith and her family are doing all they can to help her parents but they are clearly overwhelmed.  We were happy to step in and offer to do what we do best."  

The story was picked up by the media with 10Tampa Bay and ABC7 broadcasting the story in their newscasts, featuring both Victor and Ed.   Dynasty Building Solutions is setting the example for other roofers and contractors in the area to make an effort to find time to give back to the community.  If you like this story show your support by liking it on our Facebook page and check out the video below for the full scoop.







And Don't Forget Dynasty Building Solutions is sponsoring the 11th Annual Challenge Ride to benefit Camp Boggy Creek, a year-round camp for children with serious illnesses.  It takes place Saturday, November 6th at Wooton Park in Tavares, FL where they are offering cycling routes for all skill levels.  There will also be a 2-mile Family Fun Walk/Run course for those who'd rather walk or run for the cause.  

For more information or to register go to



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     Happy Belated       


1st - Christian Mullins    

 4th - Joshua Nearbin            

5th - Carlos Torres                



    13th - Scott L. Taylor             

14th - Everado Dircio Isidro       

        15th - Omar Delapaz                       16th - Eliseo Garcia              

17th - Hector Contreras         

22nd - Paulette Austrich        

24th - Cody Maclenna           

30th - Ryan Gnesday            

        WORK             ANNIVERSARIES  

3rd - Bertin Torres (2 years)
14th - James Harris (2 years)
14th - Francisco Venegas (2 years)
19th - Yosvany Castillo (1 year)
19th - Carlos Torres (1 year)
21st - Owen Hobbs (2 years)
22nd - Vicente Garcia (2 years)
26th - Donald John (1 year)


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